Cycling around the Olympic Park, London!

So, I am trying me best to be active and bit more motivation to exercise, however, I have absolutely no rush to do so and hate it on my own. However, I had already booked a day out with my friend Lynn when she suggested going around the Olympic Park at Stratford. 

We went to Pudding Mill Lane, got off the DLR and walked around to the ViewTube, which is a quirky set of converted container units and a lovely little café. Unfortunately, there was a little bit of a mix up and the man hiring the bikes out wasn’t there, but after the lady in the café rung him and he spoke to Lynn, he arrived at around 11:30. It was really straight forward. We filled out a form, left some details and he got to bicycles out with cute little baskets on the front. We hopped on and we were off. Because he had forgotten that we had said we would be there at 11, he, very kindly, charged us for only 1 of the bikes, which was very nice of him. (It might be worth saying that this was the first time I had got on the bike for over a decade. It really is like riding a bike though and I hopped on and off I went!) In case you are thinking about it, the bikes were only £5 pp for an hour or £7 pp for 2 hours.  

We cycled around, stopping occasionally for drinks and things and went along the canal and to see the Olympic Rings at the top of a mammoth hill! It was really fun and quite relaxing. It would be lovely to do it again in the summer and take a packed lunch! After cycling around for about an hour and a half, we returned our bikes and walked to Westfields across the park (not very far). We shopped, laughed, bought pretty dresses and ate pizza at Pizza Express. 

It was the perfect, most laid-back day and I would definitely recommend going cycling for the day. It was so much fun!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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