Lean in 15: My Oaty Chicken.

 So, the other night I decided I wanted to try something a bit different. My mum had already had her beady eye on the Oaty Porridge Chicken in the Lean in 15 book that I had got her for Mother’s Day, so I thought, here it goes.  The first thing I did was put the chicken fillets into a sealed zip bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they were roughly half the height. Then I added a generous tablespoon of flour to the bag and shook it until all of the chicken pieces were covered. Then, it was time to dip them in egg yolk and then toss them in porridge oats. After that, I left them to ‘set’ so that the oats didn’t drop off!  Next up, I put a vey, very small amount of vegetable oil into a pan and fried them. I also prepped a small salad containing avocado – it was the first time I had this and didn’t think it had much flavour, but apparently it’s good for you, tomato and cucumber. We also had some sweet potato wedges which are my favourite so if all else fails, I had those. Lol.   …However, fortunately they tasted really nice! They were a little bit dry so I will say that you’ll need a sauce of some sort (I had sweet chilli), but it was so good! I really want to do them again with hoisin sauce and noodles because that would be amazing! I can’t really describe the taste, but somehow it works! Well worth a try! Onto the next one…

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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