End of the Easter holidays…


It’s the end of the holidays – sad face. I’ve managed to do quite a bit as well as have a well earned rest! The other day I didn’t even get dressed until about 4 and that was only because I was going out! Ha! But seriously, it’s been a lovely break and I feel human again now :)

I met up with Emma a few times. I went to my first clubbercise class. I walked a few miles. I went to Cambridge for the day and took my fancy camera. I went cycling around London. I went to Westfields and did lots of shopping. I read a big chunk of my book. I went to Top Golf and played my first game of golf. I got super organised and planned millions of lesson plans and marked and went into school and organised my room. I went to Freeport for the day with Briony. I met up with my old work friends for lunch. I went out in Greenwich for my Sister’s birthday,I went to see Zootropolis and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I met up with Tasha and Bam. I bought lots of new clothes. I chatted to Joana, who I haven’t seen forever and I miss because she moved away. I had to re-organise seeing Louise and Hannah because the silly bridge was shut due to winds!?!?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to Brighton for the day with my fancy camera, which is something that I was hoping to do, but hopefully I can go in a couple of weeks or something. If anyone has got any good trips or tricks of where to go, please share. I don’t know Brighton very well and have only been there twice – anything shopping or art related please :)

I’ve done so much and caught up with so many people. It’s been really good, but now it’s time to go back to reality. I’m hoping that all the prep I have done over the holidays will help me to keep on track of everything and not get as stressed, because it’s not fun. My new phone has a thing where it measures your stress based on your heart rate – so we’ll see haha!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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