Recent Buys!

DSC_0251So, some of you might, or might not, have realised that I am trying to dress a little bit better. I am trying to spend a little bit more on clothes and throw out my older, cheaper things. I went through a phase a while ago of buying really cheap and cheerful ‘throwaway’ fashion, which worked at the time. The only thing with this was that the clothes all seemed to fall apart, frey, get holes in and shrink too much all at the same time. I know that it’s totally my own fault because they are cheap and I wore them all to death, however, I am fortunate to be able to buy nice things and replace them all at the moment, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

I think that New Look, H&M, Forever 21, Primark (occasionally) and Zara have really upped their game this season. I am particularly impressed with New Look and I love that some people don’t think to go in there for work clothes so I don’t end up walking into work and someone else is wearing the exact same thing. I have taken pictures of all of the things I have bought in the last couple of weeks or so… I was fortunate and walked into Forever 21 at Westfeilds and they were doing a 50% off the entire store offer, which is mental. I did buy a few pairs of good, stretch denim jeans, but haven’t photographed them, because it’s just jeans haha!

This little twisted white blouse is made of a really thin linen-type fabric. I thought it would look nice with a pair of flood jeans and converse, of it can be dressed up with smart grey trousers and shoes for work, so an absolute bargain. It’s from New Look and it’s only £9.99. The red dress is a Primark special at £13.00! It doesn’t look a lot on the hanger, but with a pair of black heels or leggings and ankle boots, it does look quite nice. Honest. The black detailed dress is also a Primark special at £13.00, but I’m not too sure on the high neck and what to wear it with – help!

I got this aztec jumpsuit with wide leg trouser last year, however, I never wore it because I bought it when I came back from holiday and had nothing to wear it with (and it was cold here!). I do really love it, and seeing as it still has the label on it (£13 from Primark), I thought I’d better include it. The black shirt dress with flower details is from New Look and was an absolute steal at £20! It looks quite nice on and as the buttons only do up to the bottom of the flower part, it can be worn with either jeans or leggings in the summer. I don’t have the confidence to have my stomach out, so I would wear a black vest under it anyway.

I love a bit of black and white and I think that it perfect to wear if I’m going out straight from work. The little black cut out detailed top is from H&M and was £17.99. It;s got quite a high neck, but I like the little sleeves on it and I think that it will look nice tucked in a skirt or with some smart ‘peg leg’ trousers. The white one is from a little shop called ‘JOY’ (and it was £10.00) and I found one that is fairly close to where I live – YAY! It’s a little bit more cropped than I would normally buy but, again, tucked into a little skirt or worn with high waisted jeans, I think it will look nice and summer-y!

These two are probably my favourites! I got the green jumpsuit first and had seen it on Primark’s Instagram page and didn’t think my local store would have it, but it did! I think it was only about £13 and I like how simple it is. I also love the little belt and the square neck – something different for a change. The little dress was a bit of an impulse buy, but it looked nice on and it was only £20.00 (New Look), so I thought it would be nice in the summer for work or a day out or lunch or what not.

I will add a little picture of me wearing them every now and then on Instagram, but I think I’ve done good. I’m going to try my best to keep them all nice and not save them for particular days and just wear them! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog – it’s taken me a very long time! Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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