The Truth about why I stopped blogging.

How I'm feeling right now... 09.07.11

So, as you might already be aware, I have been blog-free for about 3 months, which is crazy. I have always tried to keep blogging regular and even when I was on school placements and working like a crazy person, or was away on holiday, or whatever, I would always try and check in with you. However, after taking some time out of the blogging world, I felt that I needed to talk about why I decided to leave it for a while, and why I have returned.

Blogging was always a hobby and I never took it very seriously, and still don’t. However, as I got a bit older and the blog was getting more visits from people, I realised that I was maybe doing it for all of the wrong reasons. I was beginning to put a massive pressure on myself to make into the idea of a ‘proper blog’ and not just something fun. I was looking at other people’s blogs and trying to duplicate their ideas and their photos. I wasn’t planing for while I wouldn’t be able to blog and I was generally losing the blog-style that I had built up.

As this is a very honest blog post, I think it’s fair to say that I also felt a bit weird. I was really fed up at one point and wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing. I was tired, irritable and so bored of being so tired and irritable. I kept thinking ‘What do they want to read about my life for?’, especially when I wasn’t doing anything particularly fun or outgoing. (Popping to the supermarket or sitting marking books or going out to dinner or going to work are not the most exciting things to read about are they?) I have never earned any money or received any ‘freebies’ from doing my blog and it made me feel like I wasn’t doing the best job of blogging for all of you. I suppose I felt a little bit like, ‘What’s the point?’


I realise now, sitting in my room writing this, that this was all a bit daft and that I was taking it far too seriously, but it’s the truth. I really did think I was boring people and writing about rubbish that didn’t really matter.

This September will celebrate this blog’s 6th birthday! Which is insane, and although I have taken breaks from it and, at times, blogged every day for a whole month, I still really do enjoy sitting down and writing down my feelings, what I’ve been up to and my thoughts on different things. I just need to go back to making them fun for me, and hoping that you find them fun too. Rather than focusing more on who is reading it, and not how I feel writing it.

So, my new aim for this blog is to encourage, celebrate and share whatever it is that is making me happy. It’s going to push me with my photography, I’m going to change my lifestyle to be a little bit more healthy, and bring you along for the ride, I’m going to hopefully travel a little bit more and just generally make it better than ever! I am going to make more out of my days, as I got a bit comfortable with sitting indoors, working, marking, whatever, when I could have been doing something that would be fun for my blog! So, let’s do this!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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