Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland.

So, last week, I took a few days to get away from work and start the holidays off in the best way possible. Dublin has always been one of those places that I wanted to visit because of the culture, history and all the cute little pubs that you always see on films. I had quite an idea of what it would be like in my head, but it wasn’t quite right.


We met at the airport at a very early 6am. As I was still in work mode, I surprised myself with how easy it was to do this. After going through security (always convinced I’m going to lose my luggage or not be allowed it back for some random reason), we had a quick look around the shops before boarding our plane and jetting off. After getting a number 16 bus into the town center, we found our hotel really easily and dumped our suitcases. Our room was so lovely, and the hotel were especially nice to us as they let us get into our room 3 hours before we were supposed to check in.

We then walked for what felt like years, but was in fact 1 hour and 40 minutes into Dublin City Center. We went and got some dinner at an American Dinner place , which was well deserved, then wondered around, found places we wanted to go back to, visited Dublin castle and went to St. Stephens Green, until we finally found ourselves at The Little Museum of Dublin. This place is so highly recommended for people’s first days! There was a really good exhibition on the ground floor, which was completely free. We paid for a  35 minute tour, which was 8 euros, and wondered around learning some really interesting information about the city. The staff were so well informed and answered pretty much everything that people asked for.

Afterwards, we went to a bar called The Ivy. Although it looked pretty low-key, it was actually really over the top. A single spirit and mixer was eight euros and, if I’m honest, there were definitely better places we could have picked. The staff were quite judgemental and unwelcoming…. But we had our drink, before going to The Merchant, which is right opposite the ha’penny bridge, where we listened to Irish live music, drank wine and grabbed a quick bite to eat. This place was so, so good, and if we weren’t tired, we could have sat there for ages. Great atmosphere and everyone was really friendly in there! The perfect first day! After this, we pretty much jumped on a 13 bus and crashed at the hotel.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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