Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland (2)

20160726_114559So, day two… and after a bit of a lay in and watching rubbish on the TV, we attempted a different route into the city center. It took about an hour and 20 minutes and we agreed that we couldn’t keep wasting so much time walking in and out of town (Please note, silver lining: that we did find the Famine Memorial though! Lol). So, we walked to the Dublin Bus Center on O’Connell street and bought a 3-day leap bus card, which let us get on and off any Dubliner bus in the city for the rest of our trip. It was 19.50 euros, but totally worth it! The people behind the desk were very helpful and kindly directed us to the bus we need to go to the Guinness Storeroom.

This is definitely something that you have to do when you’re in Dublin as it was far more interesting than I thought it would be. The Irish definitely take their Guinness seriously! Haha! It was 20 euros to get into the Museum, but this include one complimentary pint of Guinness and entrance to the Gravity Bar, which is on the top floor of the museum. After taking about 1,325 more photographs than I actually needed to, we reached the ‘tasting experience’. This is basically where you get given a shot of Guinness and told exactly how to drink it. Surprisingly, a lot more difficult than just drinking it – ha!


After downing the shot in true Essex fashion, Emma and I went on to pour our own pint of Guinness. Again, very serious. I was beginning to think that it wasn’t such a laugh as I maybe thought in the first place. Lol! We learnt how to pour the perfect pint and tried our best to drink as much of it as we can, but it wasn’t the nicest. The taste is really, really strong, so I doubt we would have ever managed all of it! Haha! Straight after, we went up to the Gravity bar and I ordered an Archers and lemonade to get rid of the taste of Guinness! Ha! I was actually really surprised to find that we were in there for most of the day! We had learnt about the process, the drink, it’s history and it’s advertising. It was really interesting and I would recommend going because it just wasn’t what I thought. I bought plenty of gift shop goodies, so I obviously enjoyed myself and I think that my first taste of Guinness will haunt me for the rest of my life haha!

After the Guinness Storeroom, we went back to hotel to get changed and then managed to go and eat downstairs. We were both pretty shattered, but had a glass of wine and the world hugest cheeseburger, before crashing again – I was sensing a pattern haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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