Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland (3)

So, our last and final full day… we got up earlier and jumped on the bus to go into Dublin and out again. Luckily we only needed to get one bus that picked us up right outside the hotel and all the way to the IMMA Center (Irish Museum of Modern Art). The scenery that the Museum had up to its entrance was lovely and I loved all the hideen away scupltures and things… especially the rabbit at the entrance of the Museum. HOWEVER, I really wouldn’t recommend this Museum. It wasn’t set out well, had very little in it and the art that was there didn’t seem to go with each other. There was extremely ‘in your face/unnecessary’ art and then there was what looked like dirt stuck onto a canvas. I understand that modern art isn’t for everyone, but this was honestly something else. Didn’t get it at all and we decided to leave after exactly 13 minutes.

After leaving the weirdness, we decided that we were within walking distance of Dublin Zoo, so off we went! I love a zoo and it had animals in there that I had never seen before, so that was fun! I loved the hippopotamus and her gorgeous eyelashes and I also loved the amir tiger and his sheer size! He is HUGE! Lol… Fun fact for you, we also found out that rhinoceros’ eat their friends poo. This literally happened right in front of us and cleared an entire viewing platform in seconds haha! Pretty gross!!

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a little hut cafe thing right outside the entrance to the Zoo. I’m not sure what it’s called, but you can’t miss it. It is so cute and they do amazing hot chocolates and cheese and ham toasties and rice crispie cakes. Honestly, so good. If you’re lucky to have really good weather the little table outside are the cutest too! highly recommend this place, whatever it’s called. Ha!


After leaving the Zoo, we went to the Kilmainham Gaol, which was so interesting! we paid for a tour and went through the different centuries and the differences in the Prison. We also learnt about the prisoners, types of punishments, executions and famous escapes. It was so interesting and those tour guides should be on a stage! She literally had all of our attention and face expressions. It was hilarious to watch other people in the group, knowing that I was doing exactly the same haha! The final prison wing was the Victorian built prison and is the prison used in the original Italian Job film. Pretty cool! I love history in crime and knowing how they lived and reasons for why they did some of the crimes they did, so this was my cup of tea! I realise that it isn’t everyone’s, but I do love this sort of stuff.

Okay, I realise that this is getting a bit long now haha! So, my last blog will be on the evening of this day and the day we came home. Thanks for reading!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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