Come With Me: Dublin (4)

On our last evening, we got changed and jumped on the bus into the City Center. We walked around for a little while, before we found ourselves at Temple Street. It was great and there was so much going on with little stalls, street performers and people standing outside drinking pints of Guinness!

We decided to go to a little restaurant just opposite the Temple Bar called Gallaghers Boxty House. It was a little, cute restaurant that looked pretty amazing, but, oh my gosh, I didn’t realise. They basically Β do potato pancakes and dumplings with different fillings and sides. I had the potato and leek potato pancake and I can’t explain how good it was! It was amazing! So amazing that I actually googled if there were any other ones of these restaurants closer to where I live. Unfortunately, there isn’t, but I would totally go back to Dublin just for another one of those potato and leek pancakes. (You can actually buy the potato pancake mix in the restaurant – lifetime supply please!!Β After a few Tequila sunrise cocktails in Β Fitzsimons, we went and jumped on the last bus back to the hotel.

Our last morning was basically packing, checking out and then going into the City and eating the most amazing Irish breakfast. I decided to try black and white pudding as I had never had it, however, when they both arrived on my plate, I did whimp out of the black pudding as it looked gross. The white pudding, after googling what was actually in it, was actually lovely. Afterwards, we went back, and got our cases, and travelled home. It was a lovely couple of days and I would really like to go back. Even though it was completely different what what I had in my head, (damn you, PS I Love You), I really enjoyed learning about all the history, going to the Museums and the pubs, visiting the landmarks and the way that everyone was so laid back. Irish people are super friendly too, and were more than happy to help us with directions and bus routes and good places to go! If you haven’t been, I really think that you’d like it.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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