Fitness Targets!

So, as some of you might know, I have been away for a few days on the lovely island of Crete (photography blog to follow…). So, before I went, I did the whole panic thing, and went and bought a set of scales. I was pretty horrified at what I found but knew that I’d left it to late to join a gym, or really, do much about it.

Instead, I decided to set myself simple, easily managed targets for each day leading up to my flight to Dublin (not Crete – very confusing, I’m a secret jet-setter lol), which equalled 3 weeks. I was still at work so had to be sensible, so I decided I’d put things like ‘drink 8 glasses of water’, ‘take my vitamins’, ‘eat 5 pieces of fruit’ or ‘exercise/walking’. I even put to get to work by 7:45am everyday as an incentive to finish the year! Haha!

It worked so well. I would find myself buying so much more fruit and not wanting to drink anything but water because I wanted to tick off that pesky target on my sheet. Overall though, my skin really improved, as one was take off my make up properly and because of all the water and fruit and vitamins, I had more energy to go to Zumba and sweat it out and I managed to still have a social life and not become too over the top with it all.

I suppose it was just more rewarding because I was getting so many of my targets ticked off. It was fun! I have since decided that I am going to make a new one of these, however, add and adapt a few things. I want to join a gym and get into more of a routine, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, I would definitely make one of these little charts. You can pop it in your diary or handbag or whatever and you’ll find yourself checking it more than you think!

If you’re a bit stuck and fancy doing one of these, here’s some of the things that I had on mine:
Walk 7,000 steps
Read my book
Take my make up off
Take my vitamins
Eat 5 pieces of fruit
Either go walking or do an exercise class
Wake up early
Get to work by 7:45am
Drink 8 glasses of water

These are all really small things, but they will make the biggest difference if you do them everyday! The reading one was a personal one as I don’t read half as much as I should/want to, but you can put whatever you want!

Peace and love,
Polly May xx

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