Open Air Cinema Night!

So, a little while ago (during my break from blogging), I booked up to go and see Dirty Dancing at an local park near to where here I live. I hadn’t been to an open cinema before, so I grabbed a kebab via the route and some banana chips and I was away. Obviously I also took the essentials: a chair, hoodie, scarf that doubles up as a blanket lol.

We arrived at around 7pm, not realising that the showing of the film started at sunset (9:30pm), but we were lucky to have a little band and a salsa dance group to keep us entertained. Both werent amazingly attention grabbing but it was nice to just sit in a massive field and catch up, and eat my kebab! Lol!

It was so good and I really would recommend it for a girlie night or a romantic night. It would be brilliant for a birthday or something where you could get a big group of everyone. My one piece of advice is tale more than you think you need (warmth wise). I had 4 layers and a scarf that covered my entire body and I was still cold lol!

There are heaps of companies that do this all over the place, but if you wanted to book with the same group as me, it was called ‘Films under the Stars’ and tickets were Β£11, which included your entry and a free popcorn coupon. Very cute.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

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