Come With Me: Greenwich, London

As some of you might know, I actually went to Greenwich University to do my degree. It is also a really special place to me as we used to go quite a lot when I was little and visit the tourist spots, the museums and the parks, so I have a lot of great memories there. Although I love it there, I haven’t been back to Greenwich for a while, so my friend, Hannah, and I decided to go there for the day before the school holidays were over.

We began by going onto the Cutty Sark ship, which I had luckily got a 2 for 1 offer for. All we needed was a paper train ticker – no oyster cards for us! We spent about an hour or so wondering around, taking pictures and learning all about the ship and its history. It was really interesting to find out that it shipped tea to us and used to take a total of 215 days to go to china, pick it up and bring it back to London. After the tea, it moved onto wool, before becoming a museum in the late 1950s. Pretty cool and the weather was lovely, so we managed to take some lovely pictures and really enjoy ourselves.

After we finished up in there, we went for a mooch around Greenwich, where we actually graduated, before going for a cocktail and then eating at the Nando’s by the river. We then went to Greenwich Market, where I bought three AMAZING rings, and we went to the Maritime Museum. We then ended up in Greenwich Park and sat and chatted for a while, before going to a pub and polishing off a lovely bottle of RosΓ©.

It was honestly the most perfect day. I loved every second of it. Days with friends, catching up, eating Nando’s, roaming around parks, visiting markets, drinking rose and learning about London’s history really are THE BEST!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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