The Changes and The Differences.

So, I have to blogged for a while, so thought I’d do a little ‘hello’. I was supposed to be ginger out to see my uni girlies today, but the trains were well and truly f$!@ed! Honestly, it was like a wild goose chase. So, instead, I am going to sit and drink my chocolate cooler and not stress out about it all.

I’ve been back to school for 3 weeks and they have flown by. My English lead stuff is going really well and, even though it’s hard work, I have a good class with lots of potential to progress and move on. It’s pretty full on at the moment and I have developed a cold overnight somehow, but I’ll be fine. Like always :)

I am loving doing the 100 happy days challenge and I’m considering extending it to the 365 challenge. I think it could be fun to do a whole year of photos and you could really see the changes and the differences!

What are all you lovely people up to? Have you been up to much?

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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