Hello the First of October!

So, September is over! It’s crazy how quickly this year has gone. Normally the year go by fast, but this year, I feel like I have blinked and missed it. How is it October? How?? It does mean that it’s time for cosy jumpers, cute ankle boots, Starbucks hot chocolates and country wellie walks – All the things that I love. Things I’m not looking forward to: getting up in the dark, coming home in the dark and feeling tired all of the time because it’s always dark. Ha! Not a fan of the dark as you might have guessed.

I do love autumn though. Some people have a favourite season of the year and I genuinely don’t know which one mine would be, but I do find it comforting to know that it’s getting colder and cosier and that Christmas is on its way. Sorry un-christmassy people.

September has been a bit of a tough one. I went back to work with my new class and my new role as English leader and it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Not that I am struggling with the job itself, but I am struggling with managing my time and having a life outside of work. When I do go out, I am even more exhausted the following day, but I’m working on this and I’m trying to be better at managing my time. I don’t want work to be my priority in my life, but sometimes it is very easy to just take over and you kind of don’t realise that it’s happening. It’s all good though. I am going to sit down every Sunday night and make a Weekly list of things I have to do every week, not matter what. So, it might say ‘Go to the gym at least three times’ or ‘Go out to dinner’ or ‘Go walking’ and I’m going to be realistic and set myself goals that I know are possible, not squash it all into one week. It should help, and it’ll make me say ‘enough now’ and pack up my things and come home for the evening. Even if it is to do nothing or to go and meet a friend for coffee. I won’t keep saying I have work to do.

October is going to be full of fun, exciting things and I am going to try my best to take you all along with me. I already have a couple of things booked in, but I know that it’ll be better. I’ll be more settled at work, I will make sure I go out and do stuff and I will think about what I want to achieve and set myself mini-goals.

I hope you have things planned for October and you are going out and doing them!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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