After School Club for Grown Ups @ NHM

So, last Friday, I went to the Natural History Museum with my friend Emma. We wanted to do something a little bit different and, luckily, Emma gets newsletters from TimeOut magazine and saw this advertised. It said it was a drinks and activities After School Club for Grown Ups, and it sounded pretty awesome. The tickets are £30 each for the Grown Ups Club, and an extra £20 on top if you wanted to stay on from 10pm for the silent disco. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to that as it was sold out, but we are looking to do it next time.

As I was standing, waiting for the train into London, I realised that I hadn’t actually printed off my tickets for Emma and I. So, I downloaded the Event Brite app, and there they were. It was so straight forward. The journey into London was pretty straight forward, and after a quick hot chocolate, Emma and I were queuing up outside the NHM. I was really surprised at how many people were there. A quick search in our bags and a wristband later, we were in!

As we entered, we were greeted but graduates, who gave us a map, our house badge, a packet of haribo, a quiz, and asked us how our exams had gone. We played along, explaining that we were both A* students and had never re-sat an exam in our lives (Ha!). After dropping off our coats at the cloakroom, we began the activities. We went to the photo booth and had our photos taken using the different silly props, we also made a mask – We were in butterfly house, so we made butterfly masks, obvs lol!

Afterwards, we went to the planetarium to find out what it took to train as an astronaut. It was really interesting as it was an inflatable planetarium and we all had to climb inside, lay n the floor and explore space. It was pretty cool! We left there and headed off for a drink. Then, we went and made some clay dinosaur sculptures, which we boxed up and went and collected at the end of the night. They are just the cutest! I will Instagram them once I’ve painted them lol! On the other side of the room, there was grass head making, so we grabbed a pair of foot tights, some grass seed and some soil and designed some little grassheads! They were so cute!

We then moved onto my favourite activity, which was the t-shirt making. We grabbed our tops, and there were clipboards, fabric pens and crayons, stencils and just a really great atmosphere. We both took our shoes off and got creating! I loved this and I loved that someone decided to play ‘Everybody walk the dinosaur‘. It was hilarious! I loved my t-shirt design and I was really happy with it :)

Last, but not least, we did a torch trail through the dinosaur room, where we walked around in the dark, with little NHM torches and found all of the dinosaurs. We then went for a wonder around the Museum shop for a little while, bought a few bits and pieces (mainly pens and tote bags) and headed home.

It was all so well organised and there was enough activities that we never had to line up or hang around, wasting time. The Grown Up Club is from 7pm – 10pm and I would highly recommend it. I really enjoyed myself and got so many cute little souvenirs that I wouldn’t have got anyway else! There were so many happy staff, who were really happy and helpful and recommended certain activities. The only thing we didn’t get round to was the face painting, but as I was going home on my own, that was probably for the best. It was so, so good and I loved that all the resources and materials were provided. It was worth every penny.

Here are all the upcoming events at the NHM

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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