Pumpkin Picking @ Foxes Farm

So far I am loving being on Half Term. I have managed to actually relax and take time off from work (I’ve actually put it all in a bag away from me, so I can’t be tempted to just do a little bit of marking). I am sleeping, eating and generally functioning properly, which is always a good thing. I don’t think teachers have time to realise how crazy they have got until a school holiday comes around and they actually string a sentence together.

It was one of my best friend’s weddings on Saturday, which was just beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning in her dress! Like, actually gorgeous! We cheered and sang hymns and drank champagne and danced and messed around. It was perfect!

Then, today I went pumpkin picking at Foxes Farm in Noak Bridge, Basildon. I kept seeing people check in on Facebook, so we decided to go see what it was like. It was so much fun, with free entry, we went round the maze made of maize (My mind is blown!), before picking our pumpkins. I managed to pick up 3 different varieties and even grabbed myself a munchkin pumpkin, which is the weirdest little pumpkin I’ve ever seen. Afterwards, we went to a lovely country pub near to where I live and had chicken pie and mash potato and chocolate fudge cake. It was perfect and I had such a nice, chilled out day. I really miss days where the only time you look at your watch is to meet friends. Onto the next day of fun :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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