About & Contact.


Hey, I’m Polly May.

When I’m not blogging, I sometimes teach little people at school. I started blogging on a complete whim, after my sister persuaded me to and after seeing Kandee Johnson’s videos and blogs. I started blogging properly in March 2010 and I have grown to love writing up things about my life and it gives me something to look back on. I think I’ve really grown up throughout writing this blog and I kind of like it.

I live on the very edge of London, but wish I was more central, so I try to go ‘uptown’ as much as I can! I think London is one of the prettiest cities in the world – with New York City being a very close second! I have a slight obsession with The Rolling Stones and Jay Z. I also love going shopping, festivals, concerts, musicals, mooching around London aimlessly, travelling, museums and I like to exercise occasionally (I have completed two marathons to date, although the first one nearly killed me! Haha!)

I love blogging because you never know how things are going to be read. I basically write about anything and everything that interests me; fashion, photography, visiting London, new/current exhibitions, new years resolutions, books I’ve read, films I’ve seen, work (meh!), theatre shows I’ve been to, birthdays, Christmas time, craft ideas, travelling and everything in between! Feel free to leave a comment… it would totally make my day and I always try to reply to every single one!

Please contact me at: pollymayblog@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

4 thoughts on “About & Contact.

  1. Hey, this is awesome. The New Years Resolution is such a good one, and I hope it’s going well :) You need to do more with your ideas, and you need to put some of your art on etsy, or the UK version. It’s amazing, and I know people who would buy it!! Hehe. Lovelovelove xxxxx

  2. u leopard… :D i finally came to your blog haha.

    i would love to do one.. but i know i would NEVER write on it ! boooo

    luv yaaah xxxx

  3. Why don’t you start selling clothes that are made by you on this blog, and not just clothes, anything.. maybe paintings also ?! I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS SOMEDAY !! :)

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