Fruit Picking @ Spencers Farm

Once I returned from Crete, I was desperate to go fruit picking somewhere, however, after searching the internet for a little while, we found one about 2 hours away from where I live. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we went to Spencers Farm Shop in Halstead. I went to pick my friend up and then we travelled to the farm, which was so, so pretty and looked exactly the same as it had been advertised. We rang before leaving and was told that, although it was the last of the season, they still had some strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, blackberries, Victoria plums and blueberries, so we were quite happy with that.

What I wore: Sage Green Jumpsuit (Primark, £13), Pom-pom sandals (Also Primark, £5), Michael Kors Watch, Feather necklace. :)
We arrived after a very hot drive and asked how it worked at the desk, and were told that we literally had to pick up a pot and fill it up, keeping everything we keep separate. Seemed easy enough. It was a lovely afternoon of wondering, catching up, picking fruit and being silly. We managed to picked enough and had a lovely time. We are already planning an earlier trip (around June time) next year, to get the best out of the day and although the farm has a lovely coffee shop, where we had fresh apple juice and cream scones, it is the perfect place for a little picnic.

I highly recommend it for next summer. It was so much fun and I loved coming home and making up desserts with all the fruit I had picked. I would also return to Spencers Farm Shop because the people were lovely and the farm itself was so, so pretty that I think it made it all the better. The shop was also amazing, making us realise how important it is to support small business’ and not always go to Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s. We treated ourselves to a few bits – one of mine being a bottle of peach and pear cider! It was amazing! It was also lovely to do something different, drive out a bit, away from everything and just have a great day with my friend. It was awesome!

Anyway, here are some photos that I wanted to share with you…. Enjoy!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


Matilda: The Musical.

I cannot explain to you how much of a Matilda fan I am. I had the film from a very young age and I was able to read items it word for word within no time. My VHS Video actually went wobbly towards the end, before it finally died and I was forced to join the 21st century and buy a DVD copy. It was, and still is, my absolute favourite. I even did Roald Dahl as a theme/topic with my class just so I could watch it with them! Ha, sorry teacher talk.

Anyway, when it came to my birthday this year, I asked my friend if she fancied going to see it at the theatre. I was desperate to see it before it went, but I didn’t want to be miles and miles away in the seats. We decided to splurge our money a bit, as it was my birthday, and bought seats in the stalls. This was probably the best idea. We could see every detail and every scene perfectly and I really did enjoy it.

I loved that they had put a twist on it and had Matilda create her fantasy family story and that it was far more grown up and dramatic than I had expected. The storyline was brilliant and I really enjoyed seeing the young children up there and imagining how it must have felt performing to such a massive audience at that age. The songs were brilliant and The Trunchball had me laughing out loud at one point! He was amazing in the PE scene!

After buying a mug with ‘Children are maggots’ in a chalkboard style and a programme, I had cocktails and a massive TGIS dinner before coming home. It was so good and I would recommend ommend it to anyone. Children will be able to think about it more deeply and create their own ideas and stories once they have seen the film and read the book, but I really did think it was good.

Teacher talk (Last time, I promise): I organised a Roald Dahl Day Picnic at my school and I actually got my class to learn ‘When I grow up’ and ‘Revolting Children’ as a surprise at the end. So good.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

Come With Me: Crete, Greece.

So, having squashed in Dublin for a mini-break with Emma, my hot holiday was for 10 days on the Greek island of Crete with my friend, Briony. I had never been before and didn’t know what to expect, but wanted somewhere to relax and not do a lot. It was a completely different sort of holiday compared to Dublin (We definitely didn’t walk 26,000 on any of the days)… We sunbathed, read our books, watched the crazy water-gym man, went to the beach and ate copious amounts of pasta and chips, flashing our gold all-inclusive wristbands to whoever wanted to see them. However, I did take a few snaps to share with you all, so here they are.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

Open Air Cinema Night!

So, a little while ago (during my break from blogging), I booked up to go and see Dirty Dancing at an local park near to where here I live. I hadn’t been to an open cinema before, so I grabbed a kebab via the route and some banana chips and I was away. Obviously I also took the essentials: a chair, hoodie, scarf that doubles up as a blanket lol.

We arrived at around 7pm, not realising that the showing of the film started at sunset (9:30pm), but we were lucky to have a little band and a salsa dance group to keep us entertained. Both werent amazingly attention grabbing but it was nice to just sit in a massive field and catch up, and eat my kebab! Lol!

It was so good and I really would recommend it for a girlie night or a romantic night. It would be brilliant for a birthday or something where you could get a big group of everyone. My one piece of advice is tale more than you think you need (warmth wise). I had 4 layers and a scarf that covered my entire body and I was still cold lol!

There are heaps of companies that do this all over the place, but if you wanted to book with the same group as me, it was called ‘Films under the Stars’ and tickets were £11, which included your entry and a free popcorn coupon. Very cute.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

Fitness Targets!

So, as some of you might know, I have been away for a few days on the lovely island of Crete (photography blog to follow…). So, before I went, I did the whole panic thing, and went and bought a set of scales. I was pretty horrified at what I found but knew that I’d left it to late to join a gym, or really, do much about it.

Instead, I decided to set myself simple, easily managed targets for each day leading up to my flight to Dublin (not Crete – very confusing, I’m a secret jet-setter lol), which equalled 3 weeks. I was still at work so had to be sensible, so I decided I’d put things like ‘drink 8 glasses of water’, ‘take my vitamins’, ‘eat 5 pieces of fruit’ or ‘exercise/walking’. I even put to get to work by 7:45am everyday as an incentive to finish the year! Haha!

It worked so well. I would find myself buying so much more fruit and not wanting to drink anything but water because I wanted to tick off that pesky target on my sheet. Overall though, my skin really improved, as one was take off my make up properly and because of all the water and fruit and vitamins, I had more energy to go to Zumba and sweat it out and I managed to still have a social life and not become too over the top with it all.

I suppose it was just more rewarding because I was getting so many of my targets ticked off. It was fun! I have since decided that I am going to make a new one of these, however, add and adapt a few things. I want to join a gym and get into more of a routine, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, I would definitely make one of these little charts. You can pop it in your diary or handbag or whatever and you’ll find yourself checking it more than you think!

If you’re a bit stuck and fancy doing one of these, here’s some of the things that I had on mine:
Walk 7,000 steps
Read my book
Take my make up off
Take my vitamins
Eat 5 pieces of fruit
Either go walking or do an exercise class
Wake up early
Get to work by 7:45am
Drink 8 glasses of water

These are all really small things, but they will make the biggest difference if you do them everyday! The reading one was a personal one as I don’t read half as much as I should/want to, but you can put whatever you want!

Peace and love,
Polly May xx

Come With Me: Dublin (4)

On our last evening, we got changed and jumped on the bus into the City Center. We walked around for a little while, before we found ourselves at Temple Street. It was great and there was so much going on with little stalls, street performers and people standing outside drinking pints of Guinness!

We decided to go to a little restaurant just opposite the Temple Bar called Gallaghers Boxty House. It was a little, cute restaurant that looked pretty amazing, but, oh my gosh, I didn’t realise. They basically  do potato pancakes and dumplings with different fillings and sides. I had the potato and leek potato pancake and I can’t explain how good it was! It was amazing! So amazing that I actually googled if there were any other ones of these restaurants closer to where I live. Unfortunately, there isn’t, but I would totally go back to Dublin just for another one of those potato and leek pancakes. (You can actually buy the potato pancake mix in the restaurant – lifetime supply please!! After a few Tequila sunrise cocktails in  Fitzsimons, we went and jumped on the last bus back to the hotel.

Our last morning was basically packing, checking out and then going into the City and eating the most amazing Irish breakfast. I decided to try black and white pudding as I had never had it, however, when they both arrived on my plate, I did whimp out of the black pudding as it looked gross. The white pudding, after googling what was actually in it, was actually lovely. Afterwards, we went back, and got our cases, and travelled home. It was a lovely couple of days and I would really like to go back. Even though it was completely different what what I had in my head, (damn you, PS I Love You), I really enjoyed learning about all the history, going to the Museums and the pubs, visiting the landmarks and the way that everyone was so laid back. Irish people are super friendly too, and were more than happy to help us with directions and bus routes and good places to go! If you haven’t been, I really think that you’d like it.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland (3)

So, our last and final full day… we got up earlier and jumped on the bus to go into Dublin and out again. Luckily we only needed to get one bus that picked us up right outside the hotel and all the way to the IMMA Center (Irish Museum of Modern Art). The scenery that the Museum had up to its entrance was lovely and I loved all the hideen away scupltures and things… especially the rabbit at the entrance of the Museum. HOWEVER, I really wouldn’t recommend this Museum. It wasn’t set out well, had very little in it and the art that was there didn’t seem to go with each other. There was extremely ‘in your face/unnecessary’ art and then there was what looked like dirt stuck onto a canvas. I understand that modern art isn’t for everyone, but this was honestly something else. Didn’t get it at all and we decided to leave after exactly 13 minutes.

After leaving the weirdness, we decided that we were within walking distance of Dublin Zoo, so off we went! I love a zoo and it had animals in there that I had never seen before, so that was fun! I loved the hippopotamus and her gorgeous eyelashes and I also loved the amir tiger and his sheer size! He is HUGE! Lol… Fun fact for you, we also found out that rhinoceros’ eat their friends poo. This literally happened right in front of us and cleared an entire viewing platform in seconds haha! Pretty gross!!

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a little hut cafe thing right outside the entrance to the Zoo. I’m not sure what it’s called, but you can’t miss it. It is so cute and they do amazing hot chocolates and cheese and ham toasties and rice crispie cakes. Honestly, so good. If you’re lucky to have really good weather the little table outside are the cutest too! highly recommend this place, whatever it’s called. Ha!


After leaving the Zoo, we went to the Kilmainham Gaol, which was so interesting! we paid for a tour and went through the different centuries and the differences in the Prison. We also learnt about the prisoners, types of punishments, executions and famous escapes. It was so interesting and those tour guides should be on a stage! She literally had all of our attention and face expressions. It was hilarious to watch other people in the group, knowing that I was doing exactly the same haha! The final prison wing was the Victorian built prison and is the prison used in the original Italian Job film. Pretty cool! I love history in crime and knowing how they lived and reasons for why they did some of the crimes they did, so this was my cup of tea! I realise that it isn’t everyone’s, but I do love this sort of stuff.

Okay, I realise that this is getting a bit long now haha! So, my last blog will be on the evening of this day and the day we came home. Thanks for reading!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland (2)

20160726_114559So, day two… and after a bit of a lay in and watching rubbish on the TV, we attempted a different route into the city center. It took about an hour and 20 minutes and we agreed that we couldn’t keep wasting so much time walking in and out of town (Please note, silver lining: that we did find the Famine Memorial though! Lol). So, we walked to the Dublin Bus Center on O’Connell street and bought a 3-day leap bus card, which let us get on and off any Dubliner bus in the city for the rest of our trip. It was 19.50 euros, but totally worth it! The people behind the desk were very helpful and kindly directed us to the bus we need to go to the Guinness Storeroom.

This is definitely something that you have to do when you’re in Dublin as it was far more interesting than I thought it would be. The Irish definitely take their Guinness seriously! Haha! It was 20 euros to get into the Museum, but this include one complimentary pint of Guinness and entrance to the Gravity Bar, which is on the top floor of the museum. After taking about 1,325 more photographs than I actually needed to, we reached the ‘tasting experience’. This is basically where you get given a shot of Guinness and told exactly how to drink it. Surprisingly, a lot more difficult than just drinking it – ha!


After downing the shot in true Essex fashion, Emma and I went on to pour our own pint of Guinness. Again, very serious. I was beginning to think that it wasn’t such a laugh as I maybe thought in the first place. Lol! We learnt how to pour the perfect pint and tried our best to drink as much of it as we can, but it wasn’t the nicest. The taste is really, really strong, so I doubt we would have ever managed all of it! Haha! Straight after, we went up to the Gravity bar and I ordered an Archers and lemonade to get rid of the taste of Guinness! Ha! I was actually really surprised to find that we were in there for most of the day! We had learnt about the process, the drink, it’s history and it’s advertising. It was really interesting and I would recommend going because it just wasn’t what I thought. I bought plenty of gift shop goodies, so I obviously enjoyed myself and I think that my first taste of Guinness will haunt me for the rest of my life haha!

After the Guinness Storeroom, we went back to hotel to get changed and then managed to go and eat downstairs. We were both pretty shattered, but had a glass of wine and the world hugest cheeseburger, before crashing again – I was sensing a pattern haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

Come with Me: Dublin, Ireland.

So, last week, I took a few days to get away from work and start the holidays off in the best way possible. Dublin has always been one of those places that I wanted to visit because of the culture, history and all the cute little pubs that you always see on films. I had quite an idea of what it would be like in my head, but it wasn’t quite right.


We met at the airport at a very early 6am. As I was still in work mode, I surprised myself with how easy it was to do this. After going through security (always convinced I’m going to lose my luggage or not be allowed it back for some random reason), we had a quick look around the shops before boarding our plane and jetting off. After getting a number 16 bus into the town center, we found our hotel really easily and dumped our suitcases. Our room was so lovely, and the hotel were especially nice to us as they let us get into our room 3 hours before we were supposed to check in.

We then walked for what felt like years, but was in fact 1 hour and 40 minutes into Dublin City Center. We went and got some dinner at an American Dinner place , which was well deserved, then wondered around, found places we wanted to go back to, visited Dublin castle and went to St. Stephens Green, until we finally found ourselves at The Little Museum of Dublin. This place is so highly recommended for people’s first days! There was a really good exhibition on the ground floor, which was completely free. We paid for a  35 minute tour, which was 8 euros, and wondered around learning some really interesting information about the city. The staff were so well informed and answered pretty much everything that people asked for.

Afterwards, we went to a bar called The Ivy. Although it looked pretty low-key, it was actually really over the top. A single spirit and mixer was eight euros and, if I’m honest, there were definitely better places we could have picked. The staff were quite judgemental and unwelcoming…. But we had our drink, before going to The Merchant, which is right opposite the ha’penny bridge, where we listened to Irish live music, drank wine and grabbed a quick bite to eat. This place was so, so good, and if we weren’t tired, we could have sat there for ages. Great atmosphere and everyone was really friendly in there! The perfect first day! After this, we pretty much jumped on a 13 bus and crashed at the hotel.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

The BFG: Film Review

So, like absolutely everyone I absolutely love Roald Dahl and everything he has ever done! My favourite being Matilda – I know pretty much every single word of the film, but I also love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Esio Trot, The Witches. Everything, really. So when I saw that The BFG was being made into a film, I was really excited.

I have been twice since the film came out because I enjoyed it so muhc, and I really don’t think that I’ve done that for a film for a while. I really loved that it was a bit more realistic with the language used and the slight darkness with the ‘bad giants’. One child actually screamed when I went to see it the day that it came out, which I think was a little bit dramatic, but it is well done. I loved how he collected the dreams and thought the the ‘dream tree’ was done brilliantly. I love the idea of jumping int a lake and becoming upside down and surrounded by dreams. How magical!


It was also done really well and The BFG was such an emotional character that you felt like you wanted him to do really well from the start. I liked it when he finally stood up for himself to the other giants, and then, of course, there was the visit to The Queen…

It was done so well. How he appears in the Queen’s gardens was amazing and I really enjoyed how they guided him into Buckingham Palace for his breakfast, served on a huge table with serving trays as plates. I just love that! The fizzpopping was also hilarious and so, so funny. I’d love to drink a drink where the bubbles go the wrong way!

Finally, the ending of the film is just gorgeous! I love that Roald Dahl created someone that children could talk to and made them believe that whatever they needed to share, he would be listening. I can’t imagine how many children that must have helped and, even though it might sound silly to adults, The BFG gave children someone to talk to. Someone who they might not have had otherwise. SO. GOOD.

Anyway, go and see it, even if it isn’t your cup of tea. It is a really good film and the special effects are amazing! You’d have to be really cold to not love the Big, Friendly Giant.

Peace and love, Polly May xx