New Year: Things.


This year, I am going to carry on with my tick list. As I said in my first 2016 post, I want tot ravel a little bit more this year and that is my priority. Anything else is a bonus! :) Let’s see what it brings….

I went

    • I dyed my hair grey!
    • I went to Budapest, Hungary with Briony.
    • I bought myself a Nikon D3300.
    • I’ve been away to Norfolk for the weekend with friends.
    • I made Easter nests with my class (and at home)!
    • I rode a bike for the first time in about 13 years and didn’t fall off!
    • I’ve been to Cambridge for the first time and wondered around with Emma.
    • I have played my my first game of Top Golf and didn’t come last!
    • I had a sleepover at school with my class and suffered all week.
    • I met beautiful baby Mila and held a 6 day old newborn! I’m a baby cuddling pro now.
    • I’ve been to see Matilda the Musical for my birthday.
    • I went to the seaside with Briony.
    • I went to Dublin with Emma for a few days.
    • I poured my first ever pint and drank Guiness for the first time.
    • I ate white pudding – and actually really liked it!
    • I became the English leader for my school! Whaaaaat?!
    • I went and got my hair cut properly at an actual hairdressers – this is a little thing, but a big deal. I hate sitting in front of mirrors, looking like a cluedo character and generally not having the confidence to go, but yay!!
    • I went to the seaside in the boiling heat and walked along the pier and ate ice cream.
    • I went to Crete, Greece for 10 days in the summer.
    • I went fruit picking with Emma – SO GOOD!
    • I joined a gym and actually went!
    • I went to my first fitness convention thing / Bounce session – 5 hours!!
    • I went to Emma’s wedding and she looked absolutely stunning!
    • I went pumpkin picking with Briony!
    • I went to a Late Night Out of Hours at the NHM


I have been thinking over what my New Years Resolutions and, if I’m honest, I have been struggling. Yes, I probably should go down to the gym and yes, I should probably stop doing things that I know are bad for me, but I can honestly say that I don’t want to waste the money or time or effort – I want to set myself a goal and stick to it. So, my New Years Resolution this year is to care about the people that care about me, to create, to explore, to travel and to stop putting things off! I really want to start crossing things off of my ‘bucket list’ and spending time with the people that mean the most to me!

So, instead of making myself a ‘tick list’ like I normally do, I feel like it’s time for something new, something different…. This year, I am going to write a list of all the incredible things that I do and the things that make 2015 completely and utterly amazing!

To be continued….

  • I went to Barcelona with Jodie for a well-earned rest and the chance to see a beautiful city!
  • I went to the V&A lots – Auntie Jean day & Alexander McQueen exhibition!
  • I have baked Easter cupcakes and Tanya Burr cookies!
  • I have been to the seaside!
  • I have climbed the 02 Dome at Greenwich and lived to tell the tale!
  • I dyed my hair bright blue!
  • I went to Hampton Court, finally!
  • I bought myself a Michael Kors bag!!
  • I have left my school and….!
  • I got a new job for September :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I adopted an Orca Whale named Fife.
  • I went to my friend, Louise’s, baby shower.
  • I went along the Thames on a boat for the first time and had Afternoon Tea.
  • I met up with friends that I hadn’t seen for ages.
  • I went away with Emma for a week of fun, laughs, sunbathing, blue lagoons and devil hills! :)
  • I have started and I am enjoying my new job.
  • I held my first ever baby – Gorgeous little Ava!
  • I have made more time for friends that make me feel happy.
  • I have spent days wondering around London and appreciating new art and photography.
  • I have baked loads of cakes and cookies and loafs!
  • I’ve led my own assemblies – this is a bit of a boring work one, but I get so, so nervous every time and I’m kind of proud of myself when it goes right :)
  • I’ve been to loads of museums and even the Zoo!
  • I think I’ve made more time for me and what I enjoy doing!
  • I genuinely feel like I have really grown up this year and almost matured – I think a lot more practically and I’m just not interested in some of the things/people that I used to be. Like, I’m realising that some things are not as important as I thought.



Visit London more often – Galleries, exhibitions…

Try to organise something to raise money for Cancer Research UK

Tone up – I want to feel a bit more fit and hopefully a bit more confident

Dye my hair pink

Buy my own car, hopefully!

Treat myself to something classic as a ‘grown up present’

Go away on a summer holiday

Visit my Sister in Edinburgh

Pass my NQT year

Meet up with my Uni Girls every half term / term holiday



Get areas of ‘outstanding’ on my School Experience
Get new hair!
Get a 2:1 graduate grade!
Visit London more often – Galleries, exhibitions…
Go to The Ice Bar in London
Get a fabulous teaching job, that will make me happy
Try to organise something to raise money for Cancer Research UK
Tone up – I want to feel a bit more fit and hopefully a bit more confident
Read 10 ‘enjoyable’ books
Dye my hair pink
Be happy with my assignment and exam grades
Try to be more organised
See the ‘Wizard of Oz’
Go camping, or glamping – haha!
Save some money up for a treat!
Buy my own car, hopefully!
Find out more about Lawrence
Treat myself to something classic as a ‘grown up present’
Start something new on my blog
Clear out junk and give it to charity
Cook a little bit more


1. Pass my second year at University with a grade I am happy with. (2:1)

2. To continue my book worm galore; I must read 12 books.

– Read the entire Harry Potter series!!

3. Work really hard at University and get better grades than Year 1.

4. Learn more about the world.

5. Book a  fun holiday with the Bitchfaces :)

6. Go to London more.

7. Plan a trip somewhere that I really want to see off of my ‘Life List’.

8. See a film that is classed as a ‘classic’.

9. Re-teach myself the piano.

10. See Terri a little bit more than I did in 2011.

11. Treat myself more for doing well – ‘Me treats’

12. Go the Wireless Festival – 4th year in a row! It would be rude to break the tradition haha!

13. Get a easter/summer job for some extra pennies.

14. Begin my third year of University and really knuckle down (Even more!)

15. Smile more – do things that make me happy!

16. Stop bottling things in and talk to people.

17. Be more thoughtful and go out of my way to help other people. Even with the silly things.

18. Go to The Ice Bar in London.

19. Get saving for New York City 2013

20. Quit my horrible shop job.

21. Tone up – go to the gym, do DVD’s, whatever it takes!

22. Do well on my QTS test in Literacy.

23. Do well on my QTS test in Numeracy.

24. Read another academic book – cover to cover!

25. Get a job in a Nursery / School to put on my CV

26. Get Rolling Stones tickets for their 50 and counting tour!!



1. Pass my first year at University.

2. Go away on a “friends” holiday

3. Read at least 8 books (not sure why 8, but 8! haha!)

4. Lose a little bit of weight as I feel a bit self conscience and that’s never good.

5. Don’t complain as much and be more grateful!

6. Get a new car!

7. Complete my 26.2 mile marathon.

8. Get sponsered loads for above! I want to raise as much as possible – click on the link to donate pretty please –

9. Buy gorgeous clothes!

10. Learn to play the piano again (properly this time!)

11. Go to a gospel church service with Joana.

12. Get my feet nibbled by piranhas :) Also with Joana!

13. Go to london more – like at least once a month.

14. Go to Paris with my Sister.

15. Be more organised!

16. Learn more about the world.

17. Go to more places (Paris – tick! London – tick! Turkey times 2 – Tick! Camden – Tick!…)

18. Do more things that make ME happy!

19. Get my tragus peirced.

20. Begin my second year of University and really work hard.

21. Save some pennies.

22. Go to Wireless festival to see Black Eyed peas, Bruno Mars, Example, Chipmunk, etc.

23. Go to Camden as I have never been and it’s only a couple of trains away! Shocking!

24. Read a academic book – cover to cover.

25. Listen to more different music styles.

26. Smile more (generally! :D)

More to be added….

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