May, 31st 2011 @ 22:08

So, being as it is the last day of May, I feel I should have a little reveiw. I have acheived writing the most posts I have EVER! Resulting in a massive 22 (including this one!) haha! I am very proud of myself for this…. hmmmm, what else. Well, I have booked my Summer holiday with the Rogers, booked Wireless in July, got 80% on my folder, had a bit of a heart to heart, found Sofia, celebrated my 21st birthday, bought my beautiful satchel, and possibly become a Gaga convert…. A pretty good month I feel.

I think I am definately a sunshine person. The cloud and greyness of winter/sprin always seems to get me down. Just give me a bit of sunshine and I feel like I can do anything :) It is my yearly exam (worth 50%) on Thursday and I feel really prepared for it, then i’s two weeks at school and I’m done until October! How crazy is that!?! I just feel really optomistic at the moment and I kept having the strangest dreams ever! haha! (A personal note there. haha!)

So, what have I got planned for June – also known as the half way point? Haha! Well I definately want to start my new book, but can’t choose between The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks or The blind side by Michael Lewis – help! I bought Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for my holiday yesterday and that’s going to be a really lovely holiday book. :) What else? I am going to start my training for my 26.2 marathon for Children’s cancer research. Please sponsor me, I am finding it a lot more difficult than I intended it to be to get sponsored for such a huge thing for me and for such a brilliant cause. I am going to organise a event to start the sponsors process. I am going to get my piano out and start to teach myslef again (after my University stuff is done.) And finally, I am going to finish year 1 of my degree! How scary! haha!

I really do love writing this blog, it gives me some time out from University or just generally whatever I am doing at that time. Whether I use it to moan, or present news, or reveiw something I’ve seen/heard…. it is always fun for me and I intend to keep it up for the whole summer! Honest. I really will try! :)

Peace and love,


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